Start with ballet, add a dash of yoga, a pinch of Pilates core work and more body toning and you've got the perfect cardio-sculpt routine. 


What Is Barre?

The barre, a word taken from the world of ballet, is a fixed pole, firmly attached to a wall so that a person can pull, push, hold or lean on to gain support when performing exercises that are primarily using one’s body weight as resistance. These movements stem from the original ballet barre warmup that dancers use to prepare and train themselves for their actual dance combinations in a performance.

Barre classes are famous for changing the shape of the body by creating long lean thighs, flat abdominals, high lifted glutes, better posture and more energy. The class, when taught correctly, offers a blend of strengthening, stretching, endurance and stamina while using primarily your own body weight as resistance.
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An Authentic Space To Help You Thrive 

It began with the recognition that there are those who seek a balance between grace and substance -- in their own lives, and in the workouts they choose. Barre Cleveland embodies this balance with a strikingly modern-day approach to our studio design that is as refreshing and accessible with an emphasis on innovation and attentive service.