Take the time to review our STUDIO POLICIES before making your purchase. 
Barre Cleveland accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover Card. No cash please.


Barre Workout Pricing:


First BarreFit Class*


➢ Test out our studio, the BarreFit workout, our community.
Expires 30 days after sale | Good for one purchase per client.


One Month Unlimited BarreFit*


➢ Immerse yourself in a routine. See results in as little as 10 days.
Expires 30 days after 1st class | Good for one purchase per client.






ROCKSTAR Elite 6-Month Membership


➢ Only for women looking to seriously transform their body.
Requires a 6-month EFT contract. Includes BONUS Perks!




Our ROCKSTAR Elite Membership is designed to encourage and reward frequent attendance. By giving you the freedom to sculpt your body as much as you want, it's the best way to achieve dramatic results! Only 150 memberships available.
We never want any client to feel awkward about working with a contract. 
The Barre Cleveland ROCKSTAR Elite Membership Contract outlines the full understanding of the business relationship and scope of the expectations so that no one can claim any misunderstandings later down the road. It’s a mark of our professionalism and should actually inspire confidence, knowing that we take your business seriously.  


ROCKSTAR Elite Membership Perks: 

  • FREE Specialty Workouts (see full list below) [$420 value]
  • Six guest passes per 6-month contract period [$150 value]
  • Two Barre Cleveland branded tank tops [$40 value]
  • Two pairs of Barre Cleveland grippy socks [$20 value]
  • One custom S’well Hydration Vessel [$35 value]
  • One vacation (non-medical) membership freeze
  • Unlimited scheduling access [60 days in advance]


*WE ARE A MEMBERSHIP STUDIO: New clients will still be able to purchase ONE BarreFit class and our New Client Unlimited Deal in order to fully experience what we have to offer. After that, the only other purchase option will be our 6-month membership. This will ensure our members are the only ones with access to our ever-changing BarreFit classes, special workouts, individualized attention and total experience they deserve. 



Special Workouts & Event Pricing:


HOT BARRE Workout   

Turn Up the Heat and Sweat:
This advanced 60-min workout takes place in our heated studio (~85 degrees, 50% humidity) so you know you're going to sweat! Adding to the original BarreFit workout the increased heat torches calories so you'll not only feel the burn during class but also experience the payoff - added strength and increased metabolism - long after the sweating stops. This event takes place once each month and is only offered as part of membership to our ROCKSTAR Elite clients.



Unleash your Inner Ninja:
This advanced 60-min workout takes you to the next level by fusing intervals of our signature BarreFit poses with high-energy, low-impact kickboxing moves. This total body 'barre brawl” delivers endless amounts of muscle burning, leaving you tough, toned and tight in all the right places. This event takes place once each month and is only offered as part of membership to our ROCKSTAR Elite clients.



HIIT up the Intensity:
This advanced 30-min workout uses full body exercises which will kick your fat loss into high gear – the HIIT (high intensity interval training) section is very short but will be one of your toughest workouts ever, we promise! By working close to your maximum heart rate you will be burning more calories which will be beneficial to weight loss. This event takes place multiple times each month and is only offered as part of membership to our ROCKSTAR Elite clients.



Vigorous, Fitness-based Approach to Barre:
Combining the most challenging elements of our signature BarreFit, BarreBattle and BarreSprint workouts, our 60-minute PowerBarre class encompasses the best components of strength, cardio and flexibility training. Push yourself to the limit using isolated and full range of motion exercises and cardio elements followed by a deep final stretch. This event takes place seasonally and is only offered as part of membership to our ROCKSTAR Elite clients.


Private BarreFit Party                             

“The energy, the vibe, the post–workout gathering, the welcoming and cozy space… Barre Cleveland was the perfect place to have a special celebration with friends.”
Looking to plan some much-needed “Girl Time” or want to put an exceptional twist to the typical bridal shower? Barre Cleveland can be booked for a 2-hour Private Barre Party (for up to 20 guests) on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Visit, call or email Barre Cleveland for more details.


Online Gift Card                             

Any Amount
When you give a woman the gift of fitness at Barre Cleveland, you are helping her open a door to better health (both physically and mentally). We can't think of a more thoughtful gift that shows the recipient how much you care about her health. It’s a gift that you can truly feel proud of!



Barre Cleveland Products:

BarreCLE Grippy Socks ($10/pair)

Get a grip in our breathable, half-cushioned Barre Cleveland grippy socks made especially for our studio classes. Our custom socks provide you with anti-bacterial protection coupled with the non-slip protection of a sneaker! Be soft and germ-free on your feet with no fear of slipping or sliding. With a cushioned reinforced sole, innovative StretchBand for a comfortably snug fit, the cool, cotton blend will keep your footsies comfy no matter what you’re up to.
⇢Grippy socks must be worn during class for traction. We need your focus on the muscle group we’re tormenting, not on trying not to slip on our beautiful hardwood floor.


We Have An App For Your Workouts:

Barre Cleveland is unabashedly committed to making things easier for our students by being the first fitness studio in Cleveland to offer an exclusive iPhone and Android app for reserving, paying and managing your BarreFit classes. Getting fit just got easier!