Start with ballet, add a dash of yoga, a pinch of Pilates core work and more body toning and you've got the perfect cardio-sculpt-flexibility routine. 


You Lose, You Win!

If you are staying on top of fitness trends you know that barre workouts are very popular. Drawing on the principles of ballet, yoga, Pilates, strength conditioning and orthopedic exercises Barre Cleveland's one-hour BarreFit workout focuses on the female trouble areas (thighs, hips, seat, abs, and arms). These muscle groups are strengthened through slow, sustained movements, and then are intensely stretched to avoid building bulk. Consistent training in this method will help you achieve a beautiful, healthy body, while creating proper posture, tremendous flexibility and long, lean, strong muscles without the need of high-impact movements (which lead to joint and back pain).



Group Exercise


Your Flat-Belly Day!

As an hour-long group class, Barre Cleveland's BarreFit workout has been designed with a strong emphasis on posture, core strength, and overall health of the back. Participants primarily work the legs, hips and seat with a ballet barre using their own body for resistance and incorporate light hand weights to sculpt and tone the arms, back and shoulders – so there is no heavy lifting or use of machines. And since each individual works at their own pace it's very easy to strengthen, lengthen and dramatically re-shape the body in a safe, yet challenging manner while even getting a cardio benefit.


You: Slim. Sexy. Strong. Stretched.

Barre Cleveland clients are extremely dedicated because they can't imagine their bodies — their lives — without the benefits of BarreFit. They have reported to us feeling the strongest, the most toned, the most flexible they've ever been. For the first time, many can straighten their limbs, hold their own body weight, and can even do a split. It's thrilling. And it's theirs for as long as they're willing to work for it.

That said, everyone is different. And it's especially true when it comes to health and fitness. Our bodies react differently to certain types of training. Some of us are excited for a workout that others dread. The truth? The best workout program is the one you can stick with. Finding the right fitness program will involve trial and error, so now it is up to you to determine if we piqued your interest enough to give us a try; schedule yourself for a single BarreFit class to ensure our studio expectations and the BarreFit workout is the right fit.

Check out some of the other great benefits of our BarreFit workout*
~ Greater core strength ~
~ Refined external physique ~
~ Enhanced body movement ~
~ Increased flexibility and balance ~
~ Improved confidence and body image ~
~ Corrected posture and body alignment ~
~ Tighter internal physique along with vaginal rejuvenation ~

*Individual Results May Vary 
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  • Group Training Session

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