Yana Salwan, Owner & Founder
As a high school and collegiate athlete, triathlete, certified trainer and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Yana studied and taught many different forms of exercise until she discovered the barre workout and thoroughly experienced something she really believed in. As a 20-year group fitness veteran she was introduced to the method upon learning that years of vigorous, high-impact workouts were destroying her back and joints. Yana immediately recognized the barre workout benefits and how effective this unique program can be in helping people positively reshape their bodies.

Her vision and entrepreneurial spirit to bring you this amazing workout by opening Barre Cleveland™ is derived from her genuine passion to help others and to share a truly exclusive and effective workout. Always a fitness aficionado, Yana completed extensive barre training in addition to already holding personal and group fitness training certifications since 1997.

Furthermore, Yana spent over a decade creating and managing cutting edge, balanced, and member-focused group fitness programs at Bally Total Fitness, Gold's Gym, Urban Active and most recently Life Time Fitness by recruiting and leading the overall direction, coordination, supervision, development and day-to-day operations of their group fitness teams.

Yana's intense scrutiny for student safety and her search for ongoing education and experience takes her all over the country to annually attend yoga, Pilates, core conditioning and fitness workshops. With meticulous regard to form and the barre technique, Yana emphasizes personalized attention in a small group setting to help her students create strong, lean, sculpted bodies.

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live" ~ Yana Salwan

Barre Cleveland™, Northeast Ohio's 1st Barre Fitness Studio
At Barre Cleveland™, we embrace your commitment to healthy living and encompass the ideal customer experience. Our private, boutique-style fitness studio offers an intimate, personalized atmosphere with classes taught in groups of 20 people or less. The customized group setting allows us to focus attention on each student; ensuring proper techniques and maximized results are always achieved. Through a smooth flow of strengthening and stretching, this precisely choreographed hour class significantly increases strength and flexibility, improves posture, and boosts energy levels. The goal of this seriously effective body-shaping program is to help you feel long and lean.

Barre Cleveland™ is not a franchise and not a corporate-owned gym, but instead a privately owned studio with instruction by a seasoned fitness veteran. As a result, you can be guaranteed that our BarreFit workouts will be structured to continually challenge your body and keep your fitness goals moving forwards. The respect and attention for each individual - coupled with our posh studio atmosphere - will surely motivate each student to accomplish impressive body-changing results.

The Lotte Berk Method®
The 'barre workout' concept was originally developed over 50 years ago by Lotte Berk. As a German dancer who suffered a back injury, she created a rehabilitative exercise program that emphasized flexibility, core strength and basic aspects of classical ballet. There are many long stories about its evolution but to simplify, her method was brought to America by Lydia Bach. After many years of limited visibility, improved forms of the original method (i.e. incorporating modern exercise and sports science with muscular development) can now be seen all over the country in barre training studios.

Today's end product is truly unique and has assisted women in transforming their bodies and maintaining optimal health and fitness. With more and more exercise practitioners reaching a plateau with yoga, Pilates, and the Herculean-type sweat sessions, barre workouts can easily be the next logical fitness progression or easily serve as a unique body-shaping component to an existing cardio-only routine.

"You've got to have a workout that’s 'major tough' but safe, building muscle and flexibility equally. If your workout is too extreme, it can cause injury. And if it's too safe and easy, you're not going to transform your body. Lotte Berk Method® resides in the sweet spot." ~ Lydia Bach

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