We pride ourselves on offering exceptional customer experiences for every client that walks through our doors



Reservations are recommended for all of our classes. Because they often fill up, ensure you get into the classes you want by booking at least one week in advance.


All classes must be canceled at least two hours in advance. Cancellations within two hours will result in a charge to your credit card on file, or a deduction from your series. You can cancel your class online or via our BarreCLE app.


Please arrive 10 minutes before each class. If you are not present at the start of class, you will risk losing your spot to a drop-in who is physically present at the start of class. For the safety of others, you will not be permitted to enter class more than 5 minutes after the workout starts and if space is still available.


Cell phone use is prohibited in any area with the exception of the boutique.


Please wear comfortable, breathable workout wear (shorts are not recommended). The workout is done wearing grippy socks for traction. We need your focus on the muscle group we’re tormenting, not on trying not to slip on our beautiful hardwood floor. So please feel free to purchase a pair at studio and bring them with you to class thereafter.


All equipment needed for a great barre workout is provided for you at Barre Cleveland. And if you have the need to shower after class, we have the necessary accommodations.
 Lumbar Peanut Balance Pads Foam Rollers Pilates Rings Hand Weights


Barre Cleveland barre workouts are designed for every fitness level! There are no machines and no heavy lifting, which makes this non-impact class. But as with any exercise program, please check with your physician before starting at Barre Cleveland.

First Time Clients

Please purchase your class/package from our online store first and then be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first barre workout. This will provide you ample time to complete our client waiver, take a tour, meet your instructor and discuss your goals. Finally, we deal with everyone equitably and show no favoritism, so make sure to take a moment to review our full list of studio policies.

Beginner vs Advanced

Each barre class is multi-level, which means beginners as well as advanced exercisers are completing the same workout. Throughout class we demonstrate modifications to more complex moves so that everyone can benefit as well as enjoy the workout at their own pace.

Injured Clients

It is recommended that clients with injuries consult with their doctors before beginning any new exercise routine. Also, it is your responsibility to speak with your barre instructor about your injury before class begins.

Pregnant Clients

For our regular clients, we ask that you provide an approval note from your OBGYN giving you permission to exercise during pregnancy. Also, inform your teacher before class that you are pregnant, and they will cue you on the proper workout modifications.
For new clients, we don’t recommend getting started with a brand new exercise routine during pregnancy.