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We Love Community!

Can you do a barre workout on your own at home? Sure. But what you don’t get is the coaching, proper standards of the movements, camaraderie and support from other like-minded people. These are the reasons why Barre Cleveland devotees subscribe to the BarreFit workout. Somehow beyond the tucks and shakes, we build something greater and your Barre Cleveland community becomes your extended family. Our student aren’t just clients, they’re genuine friends. They’ll hang out after classes and even meet up outside of the studio. This is what makes Barre Cleveland truly different from anything else out there.

Why Females Only?

Our main goal is to get you in the best shape possible and help you stay that way. At Barre Cleveland, women can workout without the risk of uncomfortable attention from men, share their fitness successes and struggles with their fellow barre enthusiasts, get the needed support, and even make some new friends along the way.

BarreFit Class vs Pilates

A Pilates class uses machines and mat work to re-align the core muscles by working the small muscles groups. Barre Cleveland's BarreFit workout uses the body’s own weight to isolate, strengthen, and sculpt all major muscle groups. Pilates exercises are largely performed in a sitting or prone position while our exercises take place both at the ballet bar and on mats.
Group Barre Session

BarreFit Class vs Yoga

Yoga is a method of physical, mental, and spiritual release and renewal. Barre Cleveland's BarreFit workout focuses exclusively on fitness by strengthening, stretching, and aligning all major muscle groups resulting in power, physical grace, stamina, and significant body change.

Beginner? Advanced? Multi-Level?

You'll be happy to know that all classes at Barre Cleveland are taught by a fitness professional and certified barre instructor. In addition, each class is multi-level, which means beginners as well as advanced exercisers are completing the same workout. Throughout class we demonstrate modifications to more complex moves so that everyone can benefit as well as enjoy the workout at their own pace. Ultimately, we want every experience to be unforgettable so that you continue to come back week after week. That is our goal.

What Should I Wear?

Grippy Socks Please wear comfortable, breathable workout wear. We suggest tight fitting clothing so that the instructor can easily see form and alignment (shorts are not recommended). The workout is done wearing grippy socks for traction. We need your focus on the muscle group we’re tormenting, not on trying not to slip on our beautiful walnut hardwood studio floor. So please feel free to purchase a pair at studio and bring them with you to class thereafter.

What Should I Bring?

Everything you need for a great workout is provided for you at Barre Cleveland from the required equipment to water service at no extra charge.  All that we ask is that you please bring your own refillable water bottle and take advantage of the importance of hydration. And for those of you who have the need to shower after class, we have the necessary accommodations at no additional charge.
Coffee Maker Foam Rollers Stacked Equipment Water Cooler Mats

Who Can Participate?

Barre Cleveland workouts are designed for women of every fitness level! The roots of the program were developed to rehabilitate the body. Sports medicine physicians and orthopedists have suggested many of the stretches and strengthening exercises. There are no machines and no heavy lifting, which makes this non-impact class. But as with any exercise program, check with your physician before starting at Barre Cleveland.

First Time Clients

Please purchase your class/package from our online store first and then be sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early for your first BarreFit workout. This will provide you ample time to complete our client waiver, take a tour, meet your instructor and discuss your goals. Finally, we deal with everyone equitably and show no favoritism, so make sure to take a moment to review our studio policies.

Injured Clients

It is recommended that clients with injuries consult with their doctors before beginning any new exercise routine. Also, it is your responsibility to speak with your BarreFit instructor about your injury before class begins.

Pregnant Clients

If you exercise regularly, have no serious medical problems, and have an uncomplicated pregnancy, you must have your physician complete a PARmed-X for Pregnancy form to be presented to Barre Cleveland before you may take class (please ask your doctor for this form). For those who are pregnant and have not followed a consistent workout routine for the last six months we highly advise you to postpone your participation until after the pregnancy. No worries... we will help you get you back into shape. So it's all good!