Susan Smola

Susan is a seasoned group fitness and yoga teacher, and has spread her love among all fitness modalities over the years. Returning to the fitness industry after a hiatus which included obtaining her BSN in Nursing, Susan became instantly passionate about barre fitness, and is thrilled to be back with her first yoga teacher, Tami Schneider, and is delighted to be a member of the BARRE Cleveland team. She completed an extensive and intensive training with Exhale co-founder Fred DeVito, and obtained her certificate as an Exhale certified barre teacher. Susan credits barre training with the transformation of her body, mind and spirit. Barre combines functional fitness with elements of Pilates and yoga--improving posture, defining muscles, increasing flexibility, and reducing stress. She attests to the fact that students will see results quickly, and is excited to share her enthusiasm of barre with everyone! Susan strives to convey to her students the same passion that she has for barre training, and her classes are strong, powerful and lively, and are appropriate for all levels of fitness. When not training or teaching at BARRE Cleveland, look for Susan rowing out on the Cuyahoga River with WRRA. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Fred DeVito

Susan Smola instructs the following:
  • BarreFit
  • Our BARRE class is designed to give you a complete body workout using functional fitness techniques (light weights, planks, pushups, squats and healthy alignment cues) that will give you a long, lean frame and enhance your postural alignment. Upbeat music is played while you sculpt your body, strengthen your core and decrease your levels of stress. A program designed for all levels.