The Ultimate Sustainable Full-Body Sculpting Workout!
Barre Cleveland's signature BarreFit classes consist of many different strength exercises that work each major muscle group to exhaustion along with stretching intervals to release the built-up fatigue. This combination creates a fitness system that firms, lengthens, and re-shapes muscles to their most optimal form. In addition, each class is fast-paced, set motivational beats guaranteed to get you feeling exactly how you should at each moment, keeping you inspired and moving!
The workout is NOT dancing and not cardio per se, but you'll break a sweat due to the pure effort of maintaining those graceful (or not) extensions! Part of the appeal of small movements is that they target your smaller muscles - your stabilizers. Your body will be shaking with the exertion, and that's a good thing - it's the reshaping of those tiny muscles that will really give you the definition you're craving. Plus, instead of making you huff and puff, tiny movements allow you to really concentrate on your form and get it right for maximum results.
Lastly, each BarreFit workout is multi-level, which means beginners as well as advanced exercisers are completing the same workout. Throughout class we demonstrate modifications to more complex moves so that each woman can succeed as well as enjoy the workout at their own pace.
REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Grippy sock must be worn during class. Please bring a water bottle.

  • Barre.SPRINT
  • Take your fitness to the next level and improve your athletic ability. Up your barre game with BarreSprint!

    ROCKSTAR Elite Members Only!

    BarreSprint is a type of HIIT workout where you give maximum effort through quick intense bursts of exercise followed by short, recovery periods. Since it’s strictly cardio you shouldn't consider it your average barre workout. It was created to provide our Elite clients with a well-rounded Barre Cleveland commitment. BarreSprint, the best 30-minute workout you can do, barre none.

    What exactly is HIIT training? HIIT, also known as High Intensity Interval Training, includes workouts designed to boost your metabolism while shedding calories and fat quickly. The ultimate workout lies in this powerful combination. It’s essentially a series of very short, super-intense, cardio-strength intervals interspersed with short recovery periods and targets the whole body through continuous, precise, controlled movements and functional exercises.

  • HOT.Barre
  • If you love the heat, HOT BARRE may be the ultimate muscle-toning workout for you. Sculpting your muscles and get your sweat on.

    ROCKSTAR Elite Members Only!

    As one of the more intense styles of BarreFit, you'll work harder in a HOT BARRE session simply due to the +85 degree temperature. So if this sounds like the good kind of kick in the butt you need to burn some extra calories, build healthy bone density, tone up those shoulders, biceps, legs and core, and leave you feeling calm, strong, refreshed and rejuvenated, then don't delay… sign up today!

    HOT BARRE Benefits:
    The heated environment increases your pulse rate and metabolism and allow your blood vessels to become more flexible. That makes circulation easier and increases blood flow to the limbs.
    The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility, which is therapeutic for your body.
    Your heart can work the same way in a HOT BARRE workout as it does when running, and you never have to leave the studio.
    The way you stretch and compress your internal organs and glands also stimulates metabolism so you are burning calories quicker outside the room as well.

    IT'S AN ADVANCED WORKOUT - Designed specifically for our ROCKSTAR ELITE beauties, the goal is to help them to progress their current BarreFit routine and fitness potential. This 65-minute heated HOT BARRE workout can easily be considered an advanced aerobic exercise session due its much higher intensity demands than other forms of barre fitness. ROCKSTARs participate for FREE as part of membership (registration still required).

    IMPORTANT: Confinement to a hot room may not be for everyone. Women with high blood pressure should consider not participating, and the same goes for those who are pregnant. The heat and humidity of this fitness environment creates a much higher oxygen demand from the body than in normal studio conditions. Additionally, a higher level of performance is also required from the cardiovascular system.

    REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Please wear grippy socks to this workout and bring a water bottle. A change of clothes is recommended for after class.

  • SPECIAL EVENT: Pre-Mother's Day BarreFit
    Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14. Join BARRE Cleveland as we Celebrate our BarreFit Moms: Saturday, May 13 from 9:30am - 10:30am

    We believe that moms are some of the hardest working people out there. So on May 13th Barre Cleveland is dedicating a morning to showing our lovely BarreFit Moms just what they mean to us. Plan on getting your "barre on" and stay after to enjoy delicious muffins, smoothies and mimosas!
    Barre Cleveland's Pre-Mother's Day BarreFit class consists of many different strength exercises that work each major muscle group to exhaustion along with stretching intervals to release the built-up fatigue. This combination creates a fitness system that firms, lengthens, and re-shapes muscles to their most optimal form.