The Ultimate Sustainable Full-Body Sculpting Workout!
Barre Cleveland's signature BarreFit classes consist of many different strength exercises that work each major muscle group to exhaustion along with stretching intervals to release the built-up fatigue. This combination creates a fitness system that firms, lengthens, and re-shapes muscles to their most optimal form. In addition, each class is fast-paced, set motivational beats guaranteed to get you feeling exactly how you should at each moment, keeping you inspired and moving!
The workout is NOT dancing and not cardio per se, but you'll break a sweat due to the pure effort of maintaining those graceful (or not) extensions! Part of the appeal of small movements is that they target your smaller muscles - your stabilizers. Your body will be shaking with the exertion, and that's a good thing - it's the reshaping of those tiny muscles that will really give you the definition you're craving. Plus, instead of making you huff and puff, tiny movements allow you to really concentrate on your form and get it right for maximum results.
Lastly, each BarreFit workout is multi-level, which means beginners as well as advanced exercisers are completing the same workout. Throughout class we demonstrate modifications to more complex moves so that each woman can succeed as well as enjoy the workout at their own pace.
REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Grippy sock must be worn during class. Please bring a water bottle.